Emergency Notification System

The college operates an emergency notification system called Blackboard Connect that allows students, faculty and staff to be alerted quickly by voice, text, and e-mail in the event of an emergency on campus.

The system will be used only for notification of:

  • Emergency situations, in which there is an immediate threat to life and safety;
  • Warnings of an approaching threat, such as a tornado or other severe weather;
  • Alerts concerning things like a rash of car ┬ábreak-ins in a particular area of campus; or
  • Updates on prior incidents, such as ┬áthe apprehension of a suspect.

It will not be used for general announcements.

The system is only as effective as the contact information each member of the campus community provides. To update your information:

  1. Got to ScotWeb
  2. Log in with your college user I.D. and password
  3. Select either “Students” or “Employees” and then “Emergency Contact Information”
  4. Update your information and submit.